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270+ Campaign Placements Elevate Healthcare Provider’s Online Presence

A digital PR campaign centered around changing marriage trends among Millennials and Gen Zers helped our client earn 272 media placements and more 13,000 social media engagements, significantly boosting the client’s online presence and brand recognition in reputable publications.


  • 249

    campaign links

  • 66

    average DA of links

  • 13,000

    social media engagements

The Client

The Client is a B2C healthcare provider that operates as a mental health platform for people who are seeking therapy. The Client connects people to therapists who are well-trained, personable, compassionate, and utilize only evidence-based treatments.

The Objective

The Client was on a mission to bolster their online presence and climb the ranks on Google’s search results. Understanding the power of backlinks in boosting their website’s credibility, they sought the expertise of a digital marketing agency. Their aim was to expand and diversify their backlink profile, leveraging the authority of reputable sources in the healthcare industry.

Digital PR Strategy


    The problem

  • The Client wanted to boost their digital presence and increase brand recognition in reputable publications. However, they were in need of greater SEO expertise and guidance, additional support to accomplish their tasks, and a broader PR outreach in general.


    The solution

  • DTC created a newsworthy digital PR campaign by conducting a survey among Gen Z and Millennials about changing marriage trends. By narrowing research to the younger generations, the campaign provided insights into the attitudes and behaviors of Millennials and Gen Zers in relationships. This unique research resonated with writers of multiple verticals, including personal finance and lifestyle outlets.


    Why it matters

  • Navigating the fiercely competitive digital marketing landscape can pose difficulties in boosting online presence and cementing a brand’s reputation in high-authority publications.

    This digital PR campaign surveyed nearly 1,000 Americans in the Millennial and Gen Z generations to better understand their attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts toward marriage and serious relationships. This focused piece touched on a topic that’s both constantly newsworthy and evergreen: relationships and marriage trends. The data held relevance to both the client’s industry and an array of different news verticals. Through this campaign’s success, the Client not only enhanced their digital presence but also established themselves as a trusted resource for health-related information.

The initial study entitled “I Do Not: Gen Z, Millennials Shifting Expectations About Marriage In 2023” earned 270+ media placements in high authority publications like The Hill, Politico, CNBC, and Fortune.


Following this digital PR campaign’s launch, the Client witnessed a notable uptick in the acquisition of high-authority and high-quality linking domains.


Earned Backlinks

Our digital PR content campaign earned 249 backlinks from high-authority publications, earning an average DA of 66. This backlink-building success significantly boosted our client’s digital PR efforts, enhancing their online visibility and credibility.

In addition to linking media coverage, the campaign also earned various media placements, brand mentions, and more than 13,000 social media engagements. Through a blend of unique content creation and proactive outreach on an evergreen yet newsworthy topic, the Client was able to raise brand awareness and see substantial organic website growth.

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