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Conversion Lift During Open Enrollment for Healthcare Facilitator Using Microsoft Advertising Network (MSAN)

Strategic use of the Microsoft Advertising Network (MSAN) helped a health insurance plan facilitator increase high-quality leads during an incredibly competitive period of open enrollment.


  • 1.6x

    increased visitation rate

  • 1.7x

    increased conversion rate

The Client

The Client operates in the healthcare industry as a licensed and certified representative of Medicare Advantage HMO, PPO, and PPFS organizations to facilitate the sale of healthcare plans.

The Objective

The objective was to help the Client increase their pipeline of high-quality leads during an incredibly competitive open enrollment period for health insurance. To achieve that goal, we tested the Microsoft Advertising Network (MSAN) to see if the Client would experience an incremental lift in conversions compared to other paid advertising methods.

Paid Media Strategy

Leverage the Microsoft Advertising Network (MSAN) to Increase Conversions


    The Problem

  • The Client operates within an intensely competitive market that is experiencing a decline in brand demand year-over-year. The Client was not generating their target number of high-quality leads while maintaining a set Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).


    The Solution

  • Our team worked to help the Client engage with users throughout their decison-making journey. We wanted to create awareness, increase consideration and capture incremental conversions through the strategic deployment of MSAN’s prospecting and remarketing campaigns.

    The prospecting campaign drove leads to the top of the Client’s sales funnel, identifying a greater pool of potential customers than the client would have achieved with native ads alone.

    The remarketing campaign worked as a pivotal support system for the lower sales funnel by serving both branded and non-branded ads on Microsoft Search Network. The ads were targeted toward relevant audiences through Customer Match and Remarketing Lists, leading to increased conversion rates.


    Why it Matters

  • These tactics allowed DTC to engage with users throughout the decision process from top of funnel awareness all the way to bottom of the funnel conversion actions.

Users who were exposed to the Client’s MSAN ads are significantly more likely to convert on the Client’s domain compared to users who were not exposed to the ads.


Increased Conversion Rate

The Client saw an incremental lift in both site visitors and conversion rates in groups exposed to Microsoft Audience Ads as compared to the eligible, but not exposed, control group. User segmentation and normalization were applied to ensure exposed and control groups were comparable. Users who are simply exposed to the MSAN ads were more likely to visit the website than users not exposed.


By using these tactics to generate lifts in site visitation and conversions, DTC was able to meet the Client’s lead generation goals while staying below their targeted CPA.

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