SEO + Content Case Study

92% increase in backlinks for B2C cannabis company

Widespread, linking media coverage for an B2C cannabis dispensary increases website visibility and traffic.


  • 92%

    increase of linking root domans

  • 180+

    media placements

  • 35%

    media placements on DA 60+ websites

The Client

The client is a marijuana dispensary specializing in both recreational and medical cannabis with locations in five states.

The Objective

They wanted to make it easier for their target audience and patients to find them and convert. To help the client achieve this goal, we needed to improve their overall digital visibility and earn widespread, linking, digital placements for their brand.

“I’ve been very pleased with the work they’ve done and the partnership we’ve formed over the last several months.”

Director of Marketing, Cannabis Company

Content Strategy

Produce tangentially relevant & original research


    The Problem

  • The client did not have a lot of name recognition when the engagement started and they didn’t have a high volume of authoritative linking root domains in their backlink profile.


    The Solution

  • Produce easy-to-promote content, grounded in original research, that is tangentially related to the client’s B2C cannabis business.

    We created two content campaigns. The first focusing on which communities have the most dispensaries, per capita, The second, exploring the differences between Millennial and Boomer consumption of cannabis.

    We promoted the research to a combination of high-DA general news websites and niche, marijuana-industry publications to earn a diverse portfolio of backlinks.


    Why it Matters

  • When embarking on a media strategy aimed at earning mentions and links on high-authority websites, the content needs to be substantial, authoritative, and hold broad appeal to the publication’s audience.

    When working with B2C industries, we have to find research topics outside their direct line of business to avoid appearing overly promotional or advertorial. Similarly, tangentially-related content, holds more general news interest and is more likely to be cited, referenced, and mentioned in conventional media.

Two campaigns produced more than 180 media placements, of which more than 160 contained inbound links to the client’s website and 62% of those links were within industry-specific publications. 44% of these inbound links had a Domain Authority (DA) of 50 or higher.


Of all media placements were on websites with domain authorities (DA) above 60.

Inbound links from high authority websites pass along greater value than those from less-reputable sites. By targeting leading digital publications nationwide and securing linking, brand mentions, our outreach efforts produced more significant SEO benefits.


The client experienced a 109% increase in the total number of linking root domains to their website between the start of our engagement and 12 months later.

When looking at ranking factors Google considers, a robust backlink profile can significantly improve a website’s visibility in search. Our combined digital PR strategy dramatically increased their website backlink profile, and resulted in greater visibility.

During this 8-month period of work, they experienced a 15% increase in organic impressions. As a result of our digital PR initiatives and on-page SEO work, impressions increased consistently month-over-month, driving more eyes to their brand, services, and website.

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