SEO + Content Case Study

Unprecedented Website Performance for B2C Niche Company

Technical SEO work improved user experience and website performance, producing unprecedentedly high Core Web Vitals scores.


  • 45%

    increase in position 1-3 keywords

  • 25%

    increase in organic sessions

  • 64%

    increase in organic conversions

The Client

Bid-on-Equipment operates an online marketplace for businesses to buy and sell used machine equipment. They needed assistance optimizing their website and improving its functionality to produce a better user experience and avoid penalties with Google’s new ranking factors.

The Objective

In the spring of 2021, Google started including Core Web Vitals as a page ranking factor. We needed to optimize the client’s website to pass the new Core Web Vitals Assessment to create a better user experience and help it rank more favorably in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy


    The problem

  • The client’s website failed Google’s Core Web Vitals Assessment, indicating a subpar user experience. Failing in these metrics can result in a decline in search engine rankings, visibility and usability of the site, potentially deterring potential customers from engaging with the website.


    The solution

  • Core Web Vitals:

    Our site audit identified the major culprits for lagging page speed, and ultimately poor user experience: fonts and image loading. We worked with the Client to make sure fonts and images loaded locally to reduce the need for rendering. We then structured the pages with image holders, signaling to Google the rough specs of the image, without slowing down the page with inefficient image loading.

    Further Optimization:

    These changes led to immediate growth, but then rankings dipped again. To further optimize the site we made sure Google could properly index and recognize content by updating HTML coding, removing irrelevant images and expired links.

    Another way we helped Google better understand the nature of the website’s product pages was by implementing a dynamic sitemap and incorporating product schema markup. These changes along with updated website content made the website easier for Google to understand and potential customers to use.


    Why it matters

  • Core Web Vitals are an indicator of user experience. While improving a website’s score can lead to increased rankings in the SERPs, greater organic visibility, and more conversions, the improved metrics translate directly into how potential customers experience a site. A well-functioning site is essential in modern business. Potential customers are likely to move on if they’re plagued with slow image loading, lagging pages, and poor on-site experience. From a website health perspective, a positive CWV score is great, but from a customer experience, it’s even better.


Increase in organic sessions, YoY

The client saw an impressive growth in organic sessions year-over-year once they implemented the recommendations to enhance their CWV score. An improved score dramatically improves rankings, facilitates greater conversions, and encourages users who end up on their site to stay on their site longer because of the improved user experience.


A website’s SEO work is never done. There will always be something that can improve and build upon the progress and growth of projects like optimizing for Core Web Vitals.

After our initial boom in results, the Client did see a dip. We proactively addressed the drop in rankings and visibility by further optimizing their site to improve Google’s ability to crawl and index its pages. We also invested more time in improving user experience so that not only search engines loved the site…but potential customers did too.

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