SEO + Content Case Study

5.2+ million site impressions with SEO strategy

Focusing on SEO fundamentals helped a credit union dramatically improve its organic visibility. Our expert-guided on-site work improved Page 1 keyword rankings and drove more traffic to the website.


  • 38%

    increase in Page 1
    keyword rankings

  • 5.2+M

    increase in website

  • 60%

    increase in targeted
    page impressions

The Client

The Client is a credit union offering personal and business banking services including checking and savings accounts, mortgages, credit cards, and loans. It has 24 unique branch locations located across the West Coast.

The Objective

Prior to our engagement, the Client had not devoted many resources to optimizing their website and for search. Our primary objective was to remedy any on-site technical issues that hindered their visibility for targeted keywords, and drive up their monthly traffic and impressions.

SEO Strategy

Strengthened 3 URLs with on-page content strategy


    The Problem

  • The Client had relevant content throughout its website, however, it was scattered across multiple URLs that couldn’t be crawled by Google. As a result, the content was not only “thin” — lacking page authority and adequate keyword strength to organically rank — but it could only be found via on-site searches.


    The Solution

  • We targeted three URLs to strengthen and optimize for visibility in organic search. The aim was to have a few powerful pages with relevant, keyword-rich content, rather than a high volume of pages with weak content.

    We performed and implemented keyword and longtail keyword research to enhance each page with information tailored to frequently asked customer questions about the Client’s services.


    Why it Matters

  • Prior to the on-site work, these URLs were not ranking. They lacked substantive content and were not discoverable by the everyday user.

    By repurposing content found throughout their website and packaging in a way that was optimized to be crawled, we were able to quickly produce pages that ranked well and answered critical customer questions.

A comprehensive map of the Client’s website revealed a tremendous need for search engine optimization. We identified nearly 150 pages to optimize with keyword-focused titles, headlines, alt text and meta descriptions. The result of these technical improvements was a 38% increase in Page 1 keyword rankings.


increase in website impressions.

Our start-from-the-bottom SEO strategy successfully raised the Client’s overall visibility. They recorded 13.8 million website impressions during a six-month period, compared to just 8.31 million site impressions in the previous period.

Our strategy to target and supercharge three URLs produced a 60% increase in page impressions. These pages proved highly valuable to the Client. They were enriched with useful information for potential customers and we saw a corresponding increase in conversions and form fills once the targeted URLs were updated.

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