SEO + Content Case Study

Travel-focused digital PR earns 150+ links amid tricky news cycle

Series of travel-related content campaigns earned widespread media coverage during a difficult news cycle and improved client’s digital visibility.

The Client

IPX1031 is a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial, each year IPX1031 assists clients and their tax and legal advisors by providing exchange solutions that enhance their business portfolio and preserve equity.

The Objective

Improve IPX1031’s visibility online by strengthening their digital reputation and growing their backlink profile through a series of content campaigns and on-site optimizations.


  • 150+

    linking media placements

  • 60

    Designated Market Areas (DMA) reached

  • 109%

    increase in meaningful conversions

Digital PR Strategy


    The Problem

  • The news cycle was dominated by pandemic-related headlines. Traditional outlets and local media were understandably consumed by Covid-19 related stories and statistics, making it a harder news cycle to penetrate with softer digital PR content.


    The Solution

  • To break through and garner attention by the media, we needed to contribute something new to the dialogue, while homing in on a topic that IPX1031 could be trusted as a thought leader.

    We tapped into the newsworthiness of “evergreen” consumer trends storylines, which the media regularly covers, while simultaneously capitalizing on the media’s voracious appetite for areas impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The initial study was designed to find the missing data points surrounding the pandemic’s impact on travel. We helped IPX1031 survey Americans about how their vacations had changed, and their general forecast for future travel.


    Why it Matters

  • By producing content that was both relevant and timely, we leveraged the client’s expertise and furthered the conversation happening in the news. With this newsjacking campaign we established IPX1031 as an industry expert and gained valuable, linking media placements to improve their digital visibility that extended beyond our direct media outreach.

The initial study entitled “How Americans Plan to Vacation During Covid-19” earned 154 media placements, with nearly 30,000 social media engagements across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit.


Designated Market Areas (DMAs) reached nationwide.

There are 210 DMAs in the United States, ranging from New York City to rural Montana. Local television remains a popular medium for communities across the country. The 60 markets we secured media coverage in have a combined potential TV audience of 51,839,990 homes.

Within the immediate three-months after the campaign’s launch, the website saw a 48 percent increase in traffic. When we compared the eighth-month period after the campaign’s launch to the previous period, IPX1031 saw a 109 percent increase in meaningful conversions, and an 80 percent increase in sessions. From a keyword standpoint, IPX1031 saw a 157 percent increase in the number of targeted keywords in which they appeared in the first two pages of search engine results, and a 56 percent increase in their appearance for top-three keyword results.

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