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Dermatologist’s Helpful Content Earns #1 Ranking in <30 Days

We achieved rapid visibility in the search engine results page for several high conversion keywords resulting in increased qualified organic traffic.


  • #1

    position in SERPs for 4 target keywords

  • 129

    ranking keywords

  • 250+

    organic visits in less than 30 days

The Client

Advanced Dermatology is a dermatology practice located in Chicago’s north suburbs. Advanced Dermatology offers both cosmetic and dermatological skincare treatments and procedures.

The Objective

SEO is typically a long-term strategy to improve organic search visibility. For this project, we set out to more rapidly boost Advanced Dermatology’s organic rankings for relevant and competitive keywords in their industry by creating extremely targeted landing pages aimed directly at their potential customer base.

SEO Strategy

Create user-first content with helpful resources for competitive keywords in their industry


    The problem

  • One of the biggest challenges a business faces in a digital age, is the rapid change in organic visibility due to search engine-related updates. In the third quarter of 2023, Google released a major algorithm update that prioritized visibility of websites rich with “helpful” user-centric content, called the Help Content Update (HCU). While many websites contain helpful information, the new algorithm required businesses and their web-teams to better format, better optimize, and better write their content in a way that would boost visibility in search.

    Another problem facing many B2B businesses is the difficulty creating fast-ranking content. Typically, customer-driven content on blogs and services pages takes a while to achieve top-ranking organic visibility, even if it’s great content.


    The solution

  • In order to see results quickly, which is rare in SEO, we needed to identify the best opportunities for content topics where competition was reasonable and Advanced Dermatology’s expertise could shine through. We were confident that strategic keyword research and competitive analysis would give us a more comprehensive understanding of their field. From there, we could create a content strategy targeting informative, interesting, and helpful keyword driven pages and craft them in a way that could achieve more rapid results.

    But keyword strategy alone is nothing new. To truly be a step ahead of the competitive and earn rapid visibility in the search engine results pages, we needed to quickly adapt best practices in the wake of the HCU. We made sure that in targeting a particular keyword for content creation we needed that page to be specifically tailored to be the most helpful to Advanced Dermatology’s current and future client base, prioritizing user-experience above all else.


    Why it matters

  • Dermatology is a competitive industry, so we needed to not only highlight their expertise, but do it in a way that targeted competitive keywords, and did it better than their competitors.

    The problem Advanced Dermatology faced, like many specialty businesses, is their expertise wasn’t in this type of formatting of the page to both make it user-friendly and follow the guidelines from the HCU.

Within one month of the page going live on the website, Advanced Dermatology’s page claimed the top position in search engine results pages for 4 hyper-relevant keywords the page was designed to target. Additionally, the content appeared in the top 20 positions for 18 additional relevant keywords.


Results were fast and impressive with this targeted content creation strategy. In less than one month, the page shot to the #1 position in the SERPs for its primary keyword target. It’s hard to make any page rank, let alone rank fast. In addition to this, the page ranked for 18 Top 20 keywords in less than a month. On the SERPs, the page is the featured snippet.

When it comes to traffic, within a month, the page received 279 organic visits. An indicator of the value of this traffic is the estimated page traffic value, which is $402. Non-commercial pages, or informational pages on blogs tend to drive traffic, but not necessarily the traffic that’s going to convert. Because of the nature of the content and keywords we targeted, we knew a portion of the traffic arriving on this page was qualified to become Advanced Derm customers.

These results show it is possible to create helpful and informative content that brings in organic qualified traffic and achieves fast results in a short amount of time. Due to this success, the client is investing further in this content strategy.

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