SEO + Content Case Study

Decade-long Partnership Yields 7x Results

Fall 2019 marked the 10th year of our SEO and Paid Media engagement with Advanced Dermatology. Through shifting digital and business landscapes, we’ve improved the visibility and authority of Advanced Dermatology’s website, helped grow their business and maintained a strong partnership along the way.

10 Year Results

  • 716%

    increase in organic traffic

  • 700%

    increase in paid conversions

Their problem

After parting ways with their previous digital marketing partner, Advanced Dermatology had to start from the ground up. From an organic standpoint, their website had very little visibility. They wanted to appear in more search results for dermatology-related keywords, and for searches relating to the brands they sell, services they offer, and symptoms they diagnose and treat.

Our solution

We developed a robust SEO and paid media strategy to optimize Advanced Dermatology’s website and boost their authority and rankings to provide greater visibility to potential clients. The search landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade and we worked collaboratively to adapt to those changes while maintaining best practices through the construction of robust site architectures. We triumphed through Google’s infamous Panda and Penguin updates, we saw map results go from 10-packs to 3-packs, and we fondly remember the ads on the right side of the search results. Throughout our partnership, the goal has been singular—to reach more customers online.

Let’s talk strategy…

SEO Strategy: Our strategy in the early years was driven by citation building and directory link building, alongside revisions of the website’s technical architecture and keyword strategy to focus on procedures, symptoms, and cures. We dominated the local market for many years, but as the competitive landscape changed and the customer buying journey changed, we had to adjust. We’ve since adapted to myriad changes within Google and have pivoted to data journalism and digital PR for our link building efforts. Every few years we’ve assisted with technical migrations to new websites while maintaining the core architecture developed in the beginning.

PPC Strategy: We started Advanced Dermatology’s analytics accounts from scratch and watched their business grow through consistent paid media strategy. As new platforms and opportunities arose (e.g. Facebook and other paid social offerings) we adapted our strategy and pursued new opportunities to drive targeted traffic to their website.

Our paid media analysts strategically target individuals likely to become patients or clients based on demographic information, location data, and keyword searches. This chart illustrates how many people clicked on one of the targeted paid ads displayed to them during their search. Over our 10-year engagement, Advanced Dermatology saw a steady and dramatic increase in the number of users seeing the advertisements and expressing interest by clicking through to their website.

Producing Amazing Results

Our recent work

Between 2015 and 2018, Advanced Dermatology’s website experienced a 126 percent increase in the number of keywords ranking among the first ten pages of Google search results. Increased visibility and domain authority also resulted in a 26 percent increase in completed contact forms during this same period and a 76 percent growth in organic traffic.

Three website migrations

Transitioned through Panda & Penguin Google algorithm updates

Opening of a 2nd brick-and-mortar location

Tracking calls

Since September 2018, Advanced Dermatology experienced a 44 percent increase in calls directed to their business from our combined SEO and paid search services. We track organic calls made through the website, users who click on the phone number displayed in targeted paid advertisements, and those who contact Advanced Dermatology after viewing their Google business local display.

As an increasing number of consumers shift to mobile, we’ve noticed an increase in calls originating from Advanced Dermatology’s Google My Business local profile, which appears in local Google searches. Our SEO analysts have worked with them to optimize their local business pages so they appear in a greater number of relevant Google searches. As a result, we’ve seen continued growth in overall calls directed to their website via our combined paid and SEO services.

19% increase in paid conversions

Between September 2018 and August 2019, Advanced Dermatology experienced a 19 percent increase in paid conversions. Not only does that represent growth within one year, it demonstrates continued growth over the same period of time the previous year.

124% boost in keyword visibility

During this same period, Advanced Dermatology experienced a dramatic boost in visibility for targeted keywords and phrases.

Similarly, they saw a 26% increase in the number of contact forms completed on their website.


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