SEO + Content Case Study

Record Impressions & Conversions for Children’s Hospital

Paid media campaigns generated substantial increase in leads for targeted medical keywords and services.


  • 3500%

    increase in conversions
    for keyword
    ‘bowel management’

  • 2300%

    increase in conversions
    for keyword
    ‘primary care’

  • 279%

    increase in conversions
    for keyword
    ‘heart center’

The Client

Lurie Children’s Hospital is a leading children’s hospital located in Chicago. The hospital is passionate about helping children become happy, healthy adults and was ranked the tenth best children’s hospital in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

The Objective

Lurie Children’s and Digital Third Coast set clear objectives for each department.

For General Pediatric: Increase lead generation

For Pediatric Surgery: Increase lead generation, web traffic and brand awareness

PPC Strategy

Use data to identify target audiences for general pediatric and pediatric surgery


    The Problem

  • Unfortunately, those in need of Lurie Children’s are dealing with serious health concerns. As a result, this audience is typically reactionary. They’re looking for a solution after the’re already in need of a children’s pediatric care.


    The Solution

  • DTC’s analysts understood this audience profile and decided to build brand awareness via display ads since awareness always precedes search demand. This helped build Lurie Children’s brand equity and strengthened the paid search impact.

    DTC’s analysts used the Lifestyles & Hobbies Family-Focused audience selection from within Affinity audiences in Google AdWords. Because Lurie Children’s has a large target market, this Affinity selection helped narrow the audience focus. Google uses historical search terms and compiles all searches into Affinity audiences for paid marketers to use in their strategy.

    Previous marketing strategies had attempted to build general brand awareness for Lurie Children’s in general. DTC led a shift in strategy to generate more leads for each speciality within both departments. The overarching goal was to identify key performance indicators for each are to ensure the campaign was making a measurable difference.

    This refreshed approach put the spotlight not on the general Lurie Children’s brand but rather the individual treatment areas. DTC created unique strategies for each area within both departments.


    The Rationale

  • After coordinating with Lurie Children’s on targeted keywords, DTC focused on Google ascribed quality scores to lower CPCs. Google calculates a quality score for each keyword, which is based on the relevance of the campaign’s ads and landing pages to a search query. The more relevant the ads and landing pages compared to competitors, the lower the CPC.

    In addition to the paid search efforts, DTC regularly performs on-site maintenance and technical analysis, ensuring Lurie Children’s website is properly configured for Google’s on-site ranking factors.

    DTC has also periodically created content marketing link-building campaigns in an effort to boost organic traffic and keyword rank. These campaigns have resulted in links from high-quality media outlets, including (domain authority 96), (85), (80) and (73).

    DTC analysts also optimized 18 Google My Business pages for different Lurie Children’s locations. This additional search strategy helped captured 325,000 search visits in the last quarter for just one of the 18 locations.


Sky-high impressions, clicks and conversions are marketers’ dreams. New customers drive revenue, profit and success.

But for Lurie Children’s, marketing success isn’t measured by an uptick in revenue. Success for Lurie’s Children is a healthy child, a happy family and the promise of the future.

Digital Third Coast sees every click as a child moving closer to health. It’s something the paid search analysts don’t take lightly. Being a part of a child’s journey to health — no matter how small — motivates the agency to bring it’s sharpest ideas, utmost creativity and steadfast dedication to the Lurie Children’s account.

With impressive conversion numbers across all specialities, Digital Third Coast achieved the established objective and will continue to drive strategies for Lurie Children’s.

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