SEO + Content Case Study

Digital Marketing Increases College’s Conversions by 135%

Combined PPC and SEO strategies help a Chicago-based college increase conversions and better target prospective students online.


  • 75%

    increase in organic conversions, year-over-year

  • 135%

    increase in PPC conversions, year-over-year

  • 23%

    decrease in cost-per-click (CPC), year-over-year

The Client

Coyne College is a for-profit, accredited college specializing in varied trade programs.

The Objective

Our biggest goal was to increase enrollment. To accomplish that, we needed to attract more site visitors and create greater interest in Coyne College as an institution. But before any students could be enrolled, they needed to initiate contact with Coyne – that’s where we came in.

“They’re probably the best firm I’ve ever worked with. The team’s attentiveness, willingness to seek clarification, and personal investment in each initiative’s success continually strengthen the relationship.”

Claudia Silverman, Executive Director of Admissions, Coyne College

Digital Marketing Strategy

Combined PPC & SEO


    The Problem

  • Prior to working with DTC, Coyne College’s keyword strategy targeted broad match keywords. As a result, they frequently appeared in unrelated searches, driving low-quality traffic to their website. This prior strategy produced a high cost-per-click (CPC), low click-through-rate (CTR), and attracted unqualified traffic for both SEO and PPC campaigns.


    The Solution

  • Increased visibility and qualified leads through SEO and PPC by identifying relevant keywords for their various trade skills.

    Created content campaigns which led to an increase in keyword rankings that attracted more qualified search traffic.

    Analyzing our search queries was key to our PPC strategy. Over time we were able to identify the right keywords, which increased our conversion rate and reduced our cost per acquisition.


    Why it Matters

  • By strengthening and honing our keyword strategy we were able to reduce Coyne College’s cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and increase their conversion rate. The on-site keyword optimizations led to an increase in keyword rankings and attracted more qualified traffic via organic search.


Our combined pay-per-click and SEO strategies produced a 75% increase in organic conversions, year-over-year. We were also able to drive increased traffic to targeted program pages by 109% during this same period.


increase in PPC conversions, year-over-year.

Our paid ads led potential students to a contact form, indicating expressed interest in enrollment. The ad campaign produced an 135% increase in the number of these forms completed and gathered valuable data on prospective students for the college to use.

Our team was able to reduce their overall cost-per-click (CPC) by 23% by better targeting keywords and honing their negative keyword list to avoid paying for irrelevant queries. We also worked with Coyne College to add more content to their landing pages which helped our ad performance and improve their ad quality, and ultimately, their CPC.

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