SEO + Content Case Study

Buzzworthy digital PR earns casino widespread media coverage

Local media coverage earns hotel and casino widespread attention for a digital PR campaign about American superstitions.

The Client

Potawatomi Hotel & Casino is an entertainment destination located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that is owned and operated by the Forest County Potawatomi community.

The Objective

As an entertainment venue, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino makes money by having customers on the floor and in their hotel rooms, making strong brand awareness and PR buzz top priorities. We recommended investing in both digital PR and on-site search engine optimization to enhance their organic visibility and reach more potential customers in search.


  • 120

    media placements

  • 61

    avg. domain authority (DA)

  • 77

    DMA’s reached
    (designated market areas)


    The Problem

  • The “conversions” that matter for entertainment and gambling venues, such as hotel & casinos, can be difficult to measure by digital marketing standards. Rather than being able to track online purchases, traffic, or sessions, the most meaningful conversions are physical bodies in their entertainment space. They needed a digital strategy aimed at targeting potential customers in the most organic ways possible.


    The Solution

  • We designed a digital PR campaign with enough buzzworthy data to grab the media’s attention and earn broad-reaching, inbound digital coverage. By attaching their brand to fun and newsworthy content, we started building online name recognition. We focused on tangentially-relevant content, so as to avoid looking advertorial, and promoted the research to journalists at authoritative national and local media.


    Why it Matters

  • When online brand mentions of Potawatomi’s research and content included an inbound link, their website saw subsequent lifts in visibility and a strengthened backlink profile. Such that when someone searches for relevant keywords, for example “entertainment in Milwaukee,” their website would appear higher in organic search results.

    The benefits of a far-reaching digital PR campaign amplify the results of technical on-site work, and improve visibility for those potential customers seeking their services and entertainment.

This content was shared widely among local television, radio and newspapers. It was featured in 77 designated market areas (DMAs) and 87 total cities.


Average domain authority (DA) of digital publishers that shared the campaign.

Moz’s domain authority (DA) scale registers the relative strength and visibility of a website in search engine results. DA is a scale of 1 to 100 with websites like Facebook and Youtube having DA’s above 95. Websites with a domain authority greater than 60 are considered very authoritative.

The collective power of 100+ linking media placements, with an average domain authority greater than 60 transfers tremendous authority to Potawatomi Hotel & Casino’s website.

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