SEO + Content Case Study

Geo-targeting nets 163% increase in conversions

How audience targeting by location helped lower ad-spend and dramatically increase conversions.


  • 163%

    increase in conversions

  • 118%

    increase in
    paid search traffic

  • 54%

    decrease in

Test information.



For more than 30 years, Fertility Centers of Illinois has been a leader in IVF (in vitro fertilization) throughout the Chicagoland area.

Their Problem

Fertility Centers of Illinois came to us with a few interesting challenges, with the root of the problem being organization style in their account structure. Their lack of organization led to overbidding, expensive conversions and broad targeting.

Our goal was to lower cost-per-acquisition while driving targeted leads and phone calls.

Our Solution

We began by implementing IP-targeted campaign segmentation to provide broad keyword coverage. We utilized radius targeting around their office locations and helped fill in the gaps between zip codes from there.

We also implemented geo-targeting to capture searchers using location terms regardless of IP location. We began this initiative with high-population suburbs and cities that had proven successful in the past from the client’s CRM data. This allowed us to adjust bids more on a more granular level.

Finally, in order to ensure greater control and easy aggregation of results, we segmented the client’s services – fertility, preservation, and donation – into different ad campaigns.

We created a custom script that breaks down AdWords metrics to show the client where they’re performing the best and how their converting users interact with their ads. In this case, FCI’s sweet spot was in average position 2.5. It showed the highest conversion rate and lowest cost per conversion. Aiming for this position allowed us to lower bids on a lot of keywords and therefore drive a reduced CPA.


The end result was a 164% increase in conversions, a 118% increase in paid search traffic, and a 54% decrease in the client’s cost-per-acquisition.


Digital Third Coast is excellent and highly collaborative. They’re always on task even when we aren’t.

Mark Walker, Director of Marketing & Strategy