SEO + Content Case Study

University sees 400% increase in organic conversions

Combined digital strategy produced impressive spike in leads and brand awareness for higher education client.


  • 70%

    increase in conversions from paid search

  • 141%

    increase in organic traffic

  • 400%

    increase in conversions from organic search

The Client

Olivet Nazarene University is a private, higher education institution that was founded in 1907. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of just over 3,000 students in its suburban Illinois campus.

The Objective

The primary objective was to increase Olivet Nazarene University’s overall digital visibility. We also wanted to increase the number of applications they received for specific programs, such as ESL and nursing, while being highly efficient with their ad budget.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Combined SEO & PPC


    The Problem

  • Olivet Nazarene University was struggling to target the right audience online. Their goal was to reach a greater number of prospective students and drive more enrollments to certain programs.


    The Solution

  • We produced a tailored keyword strategy that scaled their pay-per-click expenditures and eliminated low-quality clicks. We continuously A/B tested our ad copy and landing page copy to ensure optimal conversion rates.


    Why it Matters

  • PPC is a great way to directly get an institution’s message in front of a specific audience. When combined with on-site keyword optimizations, we were able to produce rapid lead generation, while slowly driving more organic traffic to their website.

“We rely heavily on their insightful expertise and have watched our organic rankings, visitors, and enrollment goals climb steadily under their recommendations. They are both proactive and responsive, and a true leader in the industry. I would highly recommend their services!”

Carrie Dilley, Executive Director of Marketing, Olivet Nazarene University

Digital PR Strategy

Original research and content promotion


    The Problem

  • Olivet Nazarene University lacked visibility and brand awareness in search amongst potential students.


    The Solution

  • We created a series of research-based content campaigns that were designed to earn high-authority, linking media placements.

    The first piece “Crazy Laws” highlighted the most outlandish laws in each state. While the second piece, “How Every State’s Crazy Laws Came to Be,” serve as a follow up about those laws formation.

    These two topics had tangential relevance to Olivet Nazarene University’s undergraduate offerings, and carried a requisite viral quality about them that made them easy to share and promote online.


    Why it Matters

  • Content drove the success of our SEO and Digital PR efforts. The combination of relevant and authoritative inbound links complimented the on-site optimizations and technical work done by our SEO account managers.

Through direct media outreach, organic coverage, and syndication, “Crazy Laws” was featured in more than 100 digital publications.


Within a matter of weeks, the content campaign earned noteworthy media coverage in some of the nation’s leading digital publications, including Yahoo News, ABC News, and Huffington Post. We also saw syndication across local television and radio stations that spread the coverage to news audiences throughout the country.


Increase in conversions from organic search.

During this period of on-site SEO work and content promotion, we saw an 141% increase in organic traffic. Beyond that, Olivet Nazarene University experienced a 400% increase in the number of conversions stemming from organic traffic.

Our paid ad campaign yielded a 70% increase in the total number of applications submitted and contact forms completed. The direct result of driving qualified leads of prospective students to their site.

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