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Nuisance Neighbors

How DTC utilized link building to land ImproveNet over 100 media placements

 - 102 media placements

 - 10 unique TV news segments

DTC + ImproveNet is a popular home improvement resource and partner website to category-leading HomeAdvisor.

Beginning in 2018, ImproveNet partnered with DTC to produce entertaining and highly shareable branded content.


Given the breadth and diversity of ImproveNet’s target audience, our objective was to produce content that is broadly relatable and positioned to earn high-value publicity throughout the country.    


In this particular case, the challenge was two-fold: One, we had to identify a subject that was tangentially related to ImproveNet’s mission, without shining light on ImproveNet itself, which would render our content explicitly promotional and limit its opportunities for media coverage.

Two, we needed to treat that subject in a way that was fresh, compelling, and capable of cutting through the noise of countless competing stories and entities, thereby earning it features in some of the most sought after media outlets in the world. 

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The Content

For this campaign, we chose to explore the subject of annoying neighbors, one that millions of Americans are familiar with, and many very passionate about. The way we see it, neighbors are an integral part of the homeownership experience. People may invest great amounts of time and money in improving the interior and exterior spaces of their homes, but as many have learned, it can take just one inconsiderate neighbor to color the entire experience of a home.

In order to complete our study and tell this story, we surveyed 2,500 people living in two dozen of the most populous cities in America, to find out how much their neighbors annoy them.

The Outreach

In September and October of this past year, over the course of just 31 days, our outreach team pitched the results of our survey to more than 1,500 individuals, pursuing websites in a wide array of verticals and enacting a formidable “ground game” to secure record levels of local news coverage for our agency and client.


The Nuisance Neighbors campaign has earned 102 media placements to date. 

Highlight placements include The Washington Post, CBS News, and a front-page feature in the Miami Herald.

More important, this campaign represents a quantum leap in our team’s capacity to earn highly visible local news coverage in major media markets. 

Our study was featured live on-air across 10 unique TV news segments, in San Diego, Denver, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Cleveland.