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Search Engine Optimization

Dialing in the right strategy

How DTC helped AccuRadio dominate online streaming

 - 103 keywords moved to page 1 of Google

 - 17,000 social shares

 - 65% conversion rate

DTC + AccuRadio

Paid search decreases costs, increases leads

Kendall College is a Chicago-based college offering programs in hospitality management, culinary arts, business, and early childhood education. They wanted to increase leads for the culinary degree as well as their hospitality and education programs. The challenge was to increase interest in Kendall's programs and optimize their paid search strategy to decrease ad spend.

Our Solution

1. Created new landing pages to direct visitors to information that’s most relevant to them.

2. Ran structured ad tests to determine which campaigns generated the best results.

3. Allocated paid search budget based on geographical data, spending less on prospects less likely to enroll in Chicago.


Users spent more than 20 minutes listening

Social shares

Keywords boosted to Google Page 1