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Google Grants Boost CPC Traffic 1900+% YoY for Nonprofit

Navigating Google Grants to help a nonprofit build their audience across the U.S. led to impressive growth in both website traffic and site impressions.


  • 24,819

    monthly impressions

  • 2,450

    monthly clicks

  • 217

    monthly conversions

The Client

The iCenter has a mission to transform the professional field of Israel education by helping learners build a personal relationship with Israel and Israelis. They connect learners and teachers across day schools, public high schools, summer camps, synagogues, youth groups, universities, and beyond to move Israel education to the heart of Jewish life.

The Objective

Our objective was to increase visibility for the iCenter and drive more awareness to their programs and initiatives with their awarded Google Grants account.

Google Grants Strategy

Increase awareness of the iCenter and its programs and initiatives


    The problem

  • The iCenter offers resources to help improve and promote Israel education. They have thrived largely on word of mouth and wanted to expand their reach and audience across the US via their website to increase engagement.


    The solution

  • We applied for, and received, Grants dollars from Google. There are several limitations with Grants accounts, making it difficult for nonprofits to use these dollars to promote their programs and services. However, by continuing to build out new keyword strategies, audience targets, and messaging, we were able to utilize their full $10,000 monthly allocation to promote their offerings across the country.

    We deployed a Dynamic Search Ad, which allowed us to explore new keywords and ad targets. From there, we extracted the best performing targets and created hero campaigns to specifically speak to our target audience.

    Beyond the increased awareness, these campaigns also drove huge increases in site traffic, engagement, and conversions.


    Why it matters

  • Nonprofits survive on having a strong audience that participates in their programs and events.

    While Google Grants is notoriously challenging, applying new tactics and strategies to build more visibility allowed us to use their fully allocated ad spend and drive more new visitors to their site seeking information and programs.

    Their audience has continued to grow month over month, increasing engagement with their offerings and those they serve.

This graph above represents the significant increases in clicks we were able to deliver using Google Grants dollars.


The iCenter’s main goal in partnering with us was to generate traffic to the site to increase awareness of their resources. They also wanted to establish themselves as a thought leader in furthering Israel education.

However, their website had just launched. It had no visibility, no traffic, and no history. It was essentially on the ground floor and needed strategic efforts to target qualified users and drive traffic and conversions to them.

Through our Google Ads, we increased traffic by 1,915% year-over-year through cost-per-click (CPC) alone. We were able to achieve the traffic growth iCenters wanted to see through CPC, and establish a consistent flow of users to their website.

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