SEO + Content Case Study

Boosted content overhaul doubles CTR benchmark

Strategic revamp of Facebook advertising messaging drove increased site traffic while simultaneously establishing thought leadership and brand trust among prospects.


  • 1.5x

    increase in brand exposure

  • 150%

    decrease in
    cost-per-click (CPC)

  • 169%

    increase in
    click-through rate (CTR)

The Client

Fertility Centers of Illinois provides comprehensive fertility care for couples or individuals trying to get pregnant. They operate a number of medical practices throughout the Chicagoland area, focusing on education and research, patient care, and treatment.

The Objective

Manage and execute paid social advertising campaigns that would establish brand equity and thought leadership, while simultaneously providing prospective patients with additional value and exposure to Fertility Centers of Illinois’ services.

Paid Social Strategy

Creative shift in Facebook Ads strategy emphasized content to boost brand credibility


    The Problem

  • Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI) had been running the same video initiative on their Facebook ads for nearly 12 months. While brand awareness is best built over time, running the same piece of creative — in this case a video — can produce a negative user experience. When targeted prospects are exposed and re-exposed to the same content, it can jeopardize the positive brand sentiment a company tries to build.


    The Opportunity

  • We saw an opportunity to enhance the value of FCI’s paid advertisements on Facebook using highly relevant content published on their blog. We strategically promoted several blogs each month, ensuring that best performing blogs were prioritized through regular optimization.

    The best part of this strategy was that the client did not need to do any additional work. Boosting blog content via Facebook advertising allowed FCI to share their industry expertise with a wider community of potential prospects. At the same time, it established FCI as an insightful, cutting-edge, and reputable provider of fertility services.

    Social media users are in a more passive mindset. They’re on the platform to browse photos of loved ones, engage with their interest groups and to essentially laugh at memes. Promoting blog content allowed FCI to seamlessly integrate with users’ expected experience on Facebook. Instead of something overtly promotional, FCI’s boosted posts focused on providing helpful content that happened to be sponsored.


    Why it Matters

  • When most people think of an advertisement, they think of being “sold” something. On Facebook, content is “sponsored.” We have positive experiences with sponsored content on the platform that offers us fun or useful information, based on our interests.

    Building brand awareness on social media requires more than repeatedly exposing target audiences to your messaging and logos. When strong creatives intersect with content perceived as valuable to your prospect, your brand is likely to be remembered for more than just its aesthetics and mission. The perception becomes that your brand can be trusted for its utility and expertise.


An impression can only grab a prospective client’s attention for so long. One could argue that a link click is a more valuable brand metric than an impression. Clicks indicate higher intent and reflect a greater amount of time a user will spend interacting with your brand.


increase in click-through-rate (CTR)

User engagement with FCI’s boosted Facebook posts increased by 169% once we started promoting their blog series of content. Their previous video ads, focusing on telehealth, earned far fewer engagement and clicks than the content focused on informational resources.

Our blog-boosting campaign drove the same volume of clicks to FCI’s website in three months as their previous video-focused brand awareness campaign did in 9 months.

This strategy also produced a 150% decrease in cost-per-click, giving our client greater results and visibility for a fraction of the cost. The blogs successfully drove traffic to the website while simultaneously building brand awareness online.

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