Office trash talk is starting to pick up. Your favorite team’s t-shirt has been dug out of the depths of your closet, and you’ve recently found yourself in a heated debate about whether this is the season Jay Cutler lives up to his full potential (probably not, but we can dream, right?). That can only mean one thing: it’s football time.

We wanted to see where everyone’s loyalties truly lie. Sure, we could run with the assumption that everyone from Cook County pledges allegiance to Da Bears. But we know better than that.

Instead, we built a way to collect real-time data from user-generated submissions. Using a simple Google Form, we asked users to choose their state, county, and their favorite team. Our interactive took that recent data and generated this map, showing where the football fans really are. 

This interactive especially hits home for us here at Digital Third Coast. When we’re not creating exciting interactive pieces that showcase information in unexpected ways like this for our clients, we’re big football fans. In addition to your Bears fans and your Cheeseheads, our office also has a few Lions fans and one random Bills fan. We know, we’re confused too.

With thousands of submissions, we answered some of the most pressing questions about being an NFL fan in the Midwest. For example, are Cook County residents really as loyal to the Bears as we think? Or does Chicago’s reputation as a popular city for other Midwesterners to move to dilute the fan base? Will counties on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois choose to cheer on the Bears or the Packers? Is there a surprise contingent of Rams fans somewhere in southern Illinois? Does anyone ACTUALLY like the Colts? The world needs to know.