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Drive Awareness, Build Engagement with Paid Social Advertising

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Social media advertising is its own unique combination of science and art, where familiarity is the first step towards conversion. We understand that experience is critical to success. Your paid social advertisements need to blend in with the platforms on which they’re promoted. 

Paid social ads are designed to make an audience aware of your brand. DTC’s social media advertising team will collaborate with you to create a comprehensive social media advertising strategy, incorporating the most up-to-date tools and expertise for continued optimization.

Our marketers design an audience targeting plan and engaging landing page to ensure you’re not just reaching the appropriate audience, but also maximizing the user experience from beginning to end.

Our Paid Social Services

Facebook & Instagram

Enhance your digital presence with Digital Third Coast’s Facebook & Instagram advertising in Chicago. Expertise in targeted strategies, messaging, and testing for high ROI.

LinkedIn Advertising

Maximize your LinkedIn advertising strategy with Digital Third Coast’s targeted, tested, and successful approach to reach key professionals effectively.

YouTube Advertising

Enhance your brand’s visibility with Digital Third Coast’s YouTube advertising services, utilizing targeted, data-driven strategies for maximum impact.

DTC is Among the Top Paid Search Agencies Nationwide

Chicago’s Premier Paid Social Media Advertising Agency

Hire a paid social marketing agency with the right expertise. Our Chicago-based team of paid social experts has the experience and familiarity with the nuances of advertising strategies on social media.

From the Metaverse of Facebook and Instagram, to LinkedIn and YouTube, our paid social experts are constantly monitoring the digital media landscape as it changes. We can help you adjust to the new realities of changing privacy policies, iOS updates and more, with original strategies designed to engage customers, collect first-party data, and remarket using on-platform tools.

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Get creative consulting to take your ads from eye-rolling to eye-catching

It’s time to become creatively nimble, and we can help. You may have the best paid campaign strategy with pinpoint targeting, but if your creative doesn’t get a user’s attention, your paid social efforts will fall flat.

Our Chicago paid social team understands each platform’s creative best practices and will make sure your creative team is prepared to make thumb-stopping ads. Need help producing creative assets? We can help there too.

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Don’t pay for just any click, pay for the right clicks

Managing a pay-per-click account can be overwhelming. But don’t waste valuable ad dollars on a one-size-fits-all advertising campaign. Let us help you identify the right audiences using the power of social media. When approaching PPC and social media, your message should be just as tailored as your audience targeting.

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Benefits of paid advertising on social media

Social media is everywhere. More likely than not, your future customers are swiping through Instagram, scanning Facebook, and posting on LinkedIn. Partnering with a social media ad agency like ours means having an advocate who not only understands but is excited by creative advertising opportunities on each platform.

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Schedule a free consultation with our expert paid media team to kickstart your journey towards strategic, paid social media advertising campaigns. 

During this complimentary call, we’ll delve into your specific business goals, current online challenges, and aspirations. Our seasoned professionals will provide tailored insights, offering a roadmap for potential marketing strategies.

Meet Your Paid Social Team

At Digital Third Coast, our team of paid social advertising experts will be your guide through the changing landscape of social media. With diverse backgrounds and years and years of experience in pay-per-click across platforms, we’re committed to making a measurable difference to every business we serve.

Nathan Pabich

Nathan Pabich

Director of Paid Media

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Taylor Miller

Paid Media Account Manager

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Alec Maes

Paid Media Account Manager

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Sean Kaku

Paid Media Analyst

Navigating Paid Social Advertising Platforms with DTC:

At Digital Third Coast, we understand the intricacies of each paid social advertising platform and tailor our strategies to maximize your brand’s success. From the vast audience reach of Facebook to the visually-driven appeal of Instagram and the professional networking opportunities on LinkedIn, we guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

Our team ensures strategic ad placements, impactful content creation, and continuous optimization to drive engagement, conversions, and a strong return on investment. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of paid social advertising across diverse platforms.

Facebook Advertising (Meta)


  • Unparalleled Reach: Tap into Facebook’s massive user base of 2.8 billion monthly active users for extensive audience exposure.
  • Precision Targeting: Craft highly-targeted campaigns with advanced audience segmentation based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  • Versatile Ad Formats: Explore diverse ad formats, including captivating images, engaging videos, and dynamic carousel ads.


  • Ad Saturation: Address the challenge of ad fatigue due to the platform’s widespread popularity.
  • Algorithm Dynamics: Stay adaptable to frequent algorithm changes that may impact organic reach.

Instagram Advertising (Meta)


  • Visual Allure: Leverage the platform’s visual focus to grab user attention. Ideal for brands with visually compelling content.
  • Youthful Engagement: Benefit from high engagement rates with your posts, particularly among younger demographics.
  • Integrated Targeting: Seamlessly integrate with Facebook’s advanced targeting capabilities to reach the right audience for your business.


  • Competitive Environment: Navigate a visually competitive landscape for audience attention.
  • Demographic Limitation: Tailor strategies to align with a younger audience.

X (Formerly Twitter) Advertising


  • Real-Time Impact: Capitalize on real-time engagement opportunities for timely promotions.
  • Expansive Reach: Engage a broad audience with trending topics and wide-ranging content.
  • Promoted Trends: Boost visibility through the promotion of hashtags and trends.


  • Character Constraints: Craft concise ad content due to character limitations.
  • Feed Dynamics: Be mindful of the fast-paced nature of the Twitter feed.

LinkedIn Advertising


  • Professional Network: Target professionals effectively in a B2B context.
  • Granular Targeting: Leverage precise targeting options based on job titles, industries, and company sizes.
  • Thought Leadership: Establish authority and thought leadership within professional circles.


  • Higher Costs: Manage higher cost-per-click compared to other platforms.
  • Limited Consumer Reach: Tailor strategies for B2C campaigns targeting a broader consumer base.

Pinterest Advertising


  • Visual Discovery: Attract attention with visually appealing products or services.
  • Shopping Integration: Utilize shopping ads and product discovery features.
  • Content Longevity: Benefit from a longer lifespan for Pins compared to other platforms.


  • Niche Focus: Cater strategies to industries or demographics aligned with Pinterest’s visual and product-centric user base.
  • Adaptation Requirement: Adjust strategies for brands not inherently visual or product-focused.

Snapchat Advertising


  • Youthful Audience: Target a youthful demographic effectively.
  • Engaging Ad Formats: Explore engaging formats like AR lenses and filters.
  • Discover Page Visibility: Secure premium ad placement on the Snapchat Discover page.


  • Demographic Limitation: Tailor campaigns to effectively reach a younger audience.
  • Ephemeral Nature: Navigate the short-lived nature of ads, requiring frequent updates.

The Tools We Use in Your Paid Social Advertising Strategy

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GA4 (Google Analytics) is the cornerstone of our paid media toolkit. It offers robust features to track and monitor user behavior and conversions, assess the effectiveness of your ad spend, and make ongoing optimizations based on data to improve the ROI of your budget.

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Looker Studio provides detailed, comprehensive reports for cross-platform performance. Review results broken down by platform, accounts, campaigns, ad sets, and even ads! Looker Studio makes it easy so you don’t have to stress over results.

Google Analytics Demos and Tools makes an easy to use tool to build campaign URLs so adding UTMs is easy and seamless.

Teamwork provides a safe space to upload sensitive materials such as customer lists. It also makes it easy to share and organize campaign assets all in one spot.

FAQ: What to Know About Working With a Paid Social Advertisement Management Agency

What is paid social advertising?

In the world of digital marketing, paid social advertising involves ads, sponsored posts, and other content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

It’s an effective strategy used by many businesses to direct ads and content to target audiences in a pay-per-click fashion.

Which social media platforms are best for paid advertising?

Choosing the right social media platform to advertise on will vary depending on your goals and target audience. Social media engages people from all over the globe, but each platform attracts different types of users with unique expectations.

Common platforms we advertise on include Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

What types of ad formats are used in paid social advertising?

The types of ad formats vary, depending on the platform you advertise on. Advertisements on social media channels tend to be more visual and include image ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshows, stories, and much more. 

We’ll craft the most persuasive and engaging ads using your brand’s creative assets and campaign goals.

How can paid social advertising help my business?

Paid social advertising is an excellent way to precisely target your unique audience and drive traffic to your website. It’s a great lead generator, and offers additional opportunities to really engage with your customer base, expand your brand’s reach, and build your overall audience (with the right strategy).

How does audience targeting work with paid social advertising?

One of the many powers of advertising on social media is the ability to hone in on your target audience (the ones you’ve been dying to reach). 

  • Demographics: We’re able to target audiences on social media based on demographic information like age, gender, marital status, education level and income. 
  • Location: Your customers may be specific to a particular location – if that’s the case, geo-targeting allows us to narrow down an audience on a given platform by their location. Whether it’s an entire state or country, or even a small radius around a specific location, location-based audience targeting can help us get specific with your ad strategy, messaging, and focus. 
  • Interests: A person’s social media says a lot about them, and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube gather data based on users’ interests, behaviors, views, likes, and much more. As advertisers, we’re able to tap into that interest-based data to target users who have expressed specific likes related to your company’s products or services. 
  • Custom Audiences: We understand that your business and your customer base are unique. Many social media platforms allow advertisers the option to create custom audiences. The process involves uploading lists of your current customers and leads, and matching those individuals to their social media profiles. We’re then able to specifically target that group with custom ads that are designed to re-engage with them. 
  • Lookalike Audiences: Social media platforms allow you to leverage data from your existing customer audiences in order to find and create lookalike (or similar) audiences based on mutual characteristics. Lookalike audiences may not be familiar with your brand, but based on shared qualities with your customer base, they may be primed to engage and convert with your brand. 
  • Life Events: Some social media platforms allow advertisers to target users based on major life events like birthdays, anniversaries, or even life changes like the birth of a child. Targeting audiences around these “life events” can be an effective method for driving business or customizing offerings related to products or services. Does your business offer birthday related discounts? Identifying qualified audiences with upcoming birthdays can help nudge a conversion along with a celebratory incentive!
  • Device: You can also target users based on the devices they use, such as smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. Additionally, you can target users based on their internet connection, operating systems, and more.
  • Remarketing: Never let a good lead get away! Remarketing is a creative advertising strategy to target users who have previously engaged with your website, app, or social media profiles. These audiences have a baseline familiarity and interest in your business, which means a slightly different strategic messaging may be necessary to drive conversions. 
  • Keyword Targeting: Platforms like LinkedIn and X allow advertisers to target specific “keywords” or hashtags related to your industry or niche. When targeting certain keywords, your ads will be then served to audiences who engage with those specific keywords. 
  • Date and Time: Is there a certain time of day when you think your audience is primed to learn about your business? Social media platforms allow advertisers to schedule ads to run on specific days of the week or times of the day based on activity level. Audience targeting based on day and time can help maximize the chances your social media ads are seen by the right people. 
  • Ad Placement: Social media advertising offers some flexibility as to how and where your ads appear on the platform. From showing up in a user’s news feed, their stories, or on a sidebar, strategic ad placement can help align your campaign goals with audience preferences. 
Do I need creative assets for paid social advertising?

While DTC does not provide creative assets, we pride ourselves on giving the best practices for each platform to reach optimal performance. Learn what creative assets you need for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more. We’ll guide the way as we work to improve ad performance, together.

How do I measure the success of my social advertisements? 

At Digital Third Coast, we aim to make a measurable difference for all of our clients. When it comes to advertising on social media channels, the exact definition of “success” is going to vary depending on your business’s unique set of goals and circumstances. We understand the importance of tracking your campaign performance, optimizing your ad spend, and driving real results for your business. Here are a few ways we measure the success of paid social campaigns.

1. Set Clear Goals

Before we measure anything, we have to define what success means to your campaign and set specific, measurable metrics to track. Is your company looking to increase traffic overall, or to a specific page? Do you hope to generate leads, or maybe just build brand awareness? Setting clear goals at the start allows us to measure success and make strategic decisions about campaign performance. 

2. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

At the start of every engagement, we’ll help identify and define the right KPIs that align with your business and advertising goals. Examples of KPIs commonly tracked include Click-Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Engagement Rate, and Cost Per Click (CPC).

3. Tracking Conversions

We set up conversion tracking to monitor the actions that matter the most to you. Whether it’s tracking form submissions, click-throughs on an ad, purchases, or downloads, part of measuring success is tracking every meaningful conversion. The more data we track, the better insight we have as to your campaign performance. 

4. Audience Insights

As part of our regular campaign optimization, our team of paid social experts will analyze audience demographics, interests, and behaviors to ensure that your social campaigns reach the right people, if they do not, we’ll use our tracking data to enhance campaign efficiency. 

5. A/B Testing

No pay-per-click campaign is complete without comprehensive A/B testing. We’ll compare the performance of creative assets, videos, ad messaging, audience segments, and any other ad variation imaginable to find the best-performing campaigns throughout the optimization process. Continual optimization through A/B testing is the driving force behind campaign success. 

6. Ad Spend vs. ROI

We understand the weight of your investment in paid social advertising. We won’t just monitor cost-per-click and empty conversions, we’ll make sure the return on investment (ROI) by comparing your campaign expenditures to the value generated to your business. A positive ROI is a key indicator of campaign success.

7. Engagement

We’ll monitor likes, comments, shares, and clicks on your posts to monitor how effectively engaging your social ads are. Higher engagement with your targeted audience often leads to improved performance of your ads. 

8. Reporting

We utilize a mix of social media reporting tools along with our own DTC reporting tools, such as Looker Studio Reports, to give you a full coverage analysis of campaign performance.

Measuring the success of your social advertisements is an ongoing process that requires data analysis, strategic adjustments, and a commitment to achieving your marketing goals. At Digital Third Coast, we’re here to guide you through this journey, ensuring your social media advertising campaigns deliver exceptional results.

We Work With Clients From All Industries!

Paid social advertising is a great fit for businesses with a strong brand message and a clear audience in mind. While we work with companies in all industries, here is a sampling of our work with just a few:


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