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  • Paid social media drives awareness

    Familiarity is the first step towards conversion.

    Social advertising is its own unique combination of science and art.

    Keeping user experience in mind, your paid social advertisements need to blend in with the platforms on which they’re promoted.

  • Paid social media advertising can boost business

    We’ll target the audiences you didn’t know you needed.

    Social media users are a vast sea of interests.

    We’ll help you identify the future customers you want, and the ones you didn’t know existed.


Ads on social media are designed to make an audience aware of your brand. DTC’s social media advertising team will collaborate with you to create a comprehensive social media advertising strategy, incorporating the most up-to-date tools and expertise for continued optimization. Our marketers design an audience targeting plan and engaging landing page to ensure you’re not just reaching the appropriate audience, but also maximizing the user experience from beginning to end.


“We have seen huge growth in this channel this year and it has become a channel that is very responsive when we run promotions.”

Christina Wiedbusch, Channel Strategist
Intelligentsia Coffee Inc.

Chicago's Premier Paid Social Media Advertising Agency

Paid Social Advertising Outline

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    Hire a paid social marketing agency with the right expertise

    Our Chicago-based team of paid social experts has the experience and familiarity with the nuances of advertising strategies on social media.

    From the Metaverse of Facebook and Instagram, to LinkedIn and YouTube, our paid social experts are constantly monitoring the digital media landscape as it changes. We can help you adjust to the new realities of changing privacy policies, iOS updates and more, with original strategies designed to engage customers, collect first-party data, and remarket using on-platform tools.

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    Get creative consulting to take your ads from eye-rolling to eye-catching

    It’s time to become creatively nimble, and we can help. You may have the best campaign strategy with pinpoint targeting, but if your creative doesn’t get a user’s attention, your paid social efforts will fall flat.

    Our Chicago paid social team understands each platform’s creative best practices and will make sure your creative team is prepared to make thumb-stopping ads. Need help producing creative assets? We can help there too.

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    Don’t pay for just any click, pay for the right clicks

    Managing a pay-per-click account can be overwhelming. But don’t waste valuable ad dollars on a one-size-fits all advertising campaign. Let us help you identify the right audiences using the power of social media. When approaching PPC and social media, your message should be just as tailored as your audience targeting.

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    Benefits of paid advertising on social media

    Social media is everywhere. More likely than not, your future customers are swiping through Instagram, scanning Facebook, and posting on LinkedIn. Partnering with a social media ad agency like ours means having an advocate who not only understands, but is excited by creative advertising opportunities on each platform.

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    Our Process

    • Insightful best practices
    Whether you’re new or experienced in paid social, our data-driven best practices start your campaign on the right foot.

    • Necessary audience and messaging research
    Your ad needs to serve the right audience and messaging. We conduct the needed research to help your ads thrive in your market.

    • Consistent A/B testing
    Does the perfect ad exist? Through testing, it might. We constantly test ads against each other to learn what strategy works best for your individual needs.

    • Obsessive data analysis
    You deserve to see the fruits of your labor. Our 10+ years of paid social experience allows you to receive a detailed analysis of ad performance.

    • Impactful campaign optimization
    Why forget about a campaign when it’s complete? When a campaign ends, we use that data to optimize your next campaign for measurable results.

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    Facebook is valuable resource allows you to target specific demographics with high-impact images and calls-to-action.

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  • LinkedIn Advertising

    Hoping to get your ad in front of your industry's decision-makers? No problem. LinkedIn is a marketplace of business leaders who can be targeted by title or occupation.

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  • YouTube Advertising

    YouTube is the second largest search engine and provides tremendous opportunity to launch strategic remarketing campaigns and clever call-to-action video overlays.

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