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Paid Media

Any business can pay for clicks. Smart businesses pay for strategy.  

If you’re not obsessed with finding out who’s behind clicks, why they found you and how they should be engaged, you’re wasting money. 

It's time you partner with the best.

Why work with us?

We like doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. You will too. Our team is obsessed with data and our campaigns reflect that. We align our clients’ goals with the nuances of PPC advertising platforms, consistently increasing returns on paid media investments. Then we share the good news!

What testing looks like

We track which keyword searches deliver the most customers and how customers’ searches vary at different points in their journey. We make sure ads are in lock-step with landing pages and we test how people respond to various calls-to-action and value statements. We’re constantly testing, in pursuit of maximum performance and minimum spend.

What conversion rate optimization involves

The great thing about PPC is we know where traffic is coming from and we know the intent of most visitors. This allows us to set up highly-strategic landing pages that catch diverse streams of traffic and give customers exactly what they’re looking for.

How we reduce cost per lead

We reduce costs by constantly analyzing how ads perform and dropping anything that doesn’t live up to our standards. We track everything, and we follow every visitor until there’s an outcome. We also help you achieve the delicate balance between the number of leads you get and the price you pay for them.

  • Google Premier Partner

  • Google Analytics Qualified individuals

  • Facebook Blueprint Certified Planner

  • Bing Ads Accredited Professional

  • Clutch Global Leader

Big Blue Swim School
A 539% increase in registration

Big Blue Swim School’s founders were champions in the pool. Now, as business owners, they’ve learned a new stroke to leave their competition in their wake.

Lurie Children
Helping the most vulnerable

Success for Lurie’s Children is a healthy child, a happy family and the promise of the future. We know every click is a child moving closer to health.

8 paid media channels for revenue growth

The world of Pay-Per-Click advertising is complex. With the right strategy and guidance from Digital Third Coast, your marketing goals are within reach. Learn more about these ROI-focused strategies below. 

Google Ads

Google Ads reach is massive and not to be ignored. Digital Third Coast has developed custom tools to integrate with Google Ads to make testing more efficient and ROI focused.

LinkedIn Advertising

Hoping to get your ad in front of your industry's decision-makers? No problem. LinkedIn is a marketplace of business leaders who can be targeted by title or occupation.

Bing Ads

With an impressive market share, Bing Ads is a smart expansion strategy once Google Ads is optimized, especially for B2B services.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the second largest search engine and provides tremendous opportunity to launch strategic remarketing campaigns and clever call-to-action video overlays.


Remarketing is a dynamic strategy that shows that your ads to people who recently visited your site, delivering your message again and again to those who are likely to convert.

Display Advertising

Display advertising puts your ads on websites and in front of the right people. Using specific qualifiers, the right eyes see your message. It’s a highly customizable and scalable approach.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a value resource that allows you to target specific demographics with high-impact images and calls-to-action.

Google and Bing Shopping Campaigns

Online shopping is a marketer’s dream. Bid on products and keywords. It shows attractive and highly-controllable images of your products to customers ready to buy.

  • Fertility Center of Illinois

    “Digital Third Coast is excellent and highly collaborative. They're always on task even when we aren't.”

    Mark Walker, Fertility Center of Illinois

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    “I trust their recommendations, and I fully believe they have our best interest in mind.”

    Noah Levy, Dana Rebecca Designs