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Creative and critical thinking, rigorous analysis, and a wealth of operational experience serve our maxim: do more of what works, less of what doesn’t.

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Effective Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

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With more than 16 years of experience, we’re a Chicago PPC management agency offering unrivaled paid media strategy and guidance.

Our hard-earned expertise is at the center of every ad campaign we manage. Whether it’s Google, Microsoft, Meta, YouTube, LinkedIn, shopping campaigns, or remarketing… your bottom line is our top concern.

While many PPC agencies make money encouraging more spending, we align ourselves directly with your growth and profit. When we make a strategic recommendation, you can be confident it’s for your benefit alone. 

We measure our partnerships in years. From day one, we’re committed to establishing trust, demonstrating expertise, and measuring success. We consider these elements the building blocks of our relationship with clients. We expect to be working alongside you when your business realizes its greatest potential.

Our Paid Media Process

We’ll set you up for success with the most thorough onboarding process in the industry. From the initial kickoff meeting to our customized ad messaging and reporting… we’ll make sure our work aligns with your business goals to give you the most bang for your buck.


DTC’s Paid Media onboarding process is designed to ensure a thorough understanding of each client’s unique needs and goals. We take a structured three-phase approach:

  • Pre-Kickoff
  • PPC Kickoff
  • Post-Kickoff


Strong PPC campaigns begin with thorough audience research. We take the time to carefully understand who your audience is, and how they engage online.

  • Prospecting
  • Remarketing
  • Audience Segmentation


Ad copy should never be static. We write compelling ad messaging that captures attention and drives conversions.

  • Precision-targeting messaging
  • Data-driven optimization
  • Ongoing ad management


We’ll meticulously analyze your paid media campaign performance, identify areas for improvement, and unlock opportunities for success.

  • Keyword optimization
  • Ad copy refinement
  • Bidding strategy optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • Device targeting optimization


We specialize in creating custom measurement plans, empowering you to make data-driven decisions about your paid media accounts.

  • Clearly defined business objectives
  • Audience segmentation
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Attribution modeling
  • Data sources tailored to your account
  • Privacy and compliance


Better understand your ad account performance with reporting that is both transparent and comprehensive.

  • Customizable client-facing dashboards
  • Monthly reporting calls
  • Measurements that matter to you (sales, leads, PDFs, video views, clicks, phone tracking)

DTC is Among the Top Paid Search Agencies Nationwide

Why Clients Love Our Chicago-Based PPC Services!

“You can’t go wrong with them.”

“They’re highly responsive to everything that we need and answer any questions that come up. They are incredibly friendly and personable, and they have the ability to self-manage. They stay on top of things and are highly proactive. They’re great to work with, experts in their field, and they’ve been doing exactly what we’ve needed them to do. Their work has been absolutely phenomenal, and we’re planning on working with them again in the future.

Scott Nathanson, Executive Vice President, IPX1031

“I recognize that DTC has a plethora of clients, but I always feel like their only client, which is amazing!”

“They are immediately responsive to me and my needs and have worked hard to understand my business and competitors. I don’t feel like DTC and Lombardo are two different companies, but rather two departments working on the same team. I appreciate all their outstanding efforts to ensure I’m a leader in my market when it comes to all things digital.”

Melissa Cervin, VP of Marketing, Lombardo Homes


Don’t just take our word for it. After an initial one-year contract, 95% of our clients continue working with us.

We pride ourselves on being a Chicago advertising agency that focuses on sustainable growth and long-term business relationships. We do honest work, we don’t cut corners, our expert resources are in-house, and our strategies are transparent. After an initial one-year contract, 95% of our clients continue working with us.

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During this complimentary call, we’ll delve into your specific business goals, current online challenges, and aspirations. Our seasoned professionals will provide tailored insights, offering a roadmap for potential strategies.

Our Paid Media Specialties

Google Ads

Revolutionize your AdWords strategy with Digital Third Coast, a Google Premier Partner in Chicago. Tailored targeting, messaging, and data-driven Google Ads expertise.

Bing & Yahoo PPC

Maximize ROI with Digital Third Coast’s Bing and Yahoo advertising in Chicago. Specialized in targeted strategies, A/B testing, and Microsoft Partner expertise.

Display Advertising

Boost your brand’s visibility with Digital Third Coast’s innovative display advertising in Chicago. Expertise in targeting, messaging, and A/B testing for optimal ROI.

Google & Bing Shopping

Boost your online sales with Digital Third Coast’s Google and Bing Shopping campaigns. Expert targeting, messaging, and data-driven testing for maximum ROI.

Retargeting Ads

Maximize conversions with Digital Third Coast’s remarketing strategies in Chicago. Specializing in targeted ads, strategic messaging, and data-driven optimization.

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Meet Your Paid Media Team

At Digital Third Coast, our team of paid media experts will be your guide through the changing landscape of paid search ads. Whether you’re looking for PPC management in Chicago or nationwide, our team is here to help. Our PPC team members come from diverse backgrounds and have extensive experience in the industry. Together, we’re committed to making a measurable difference for every business we serve.

Nathan Pabich
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Nathan Pabich

Director of Paid Media

Tate Handy
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Tate Handy

Senior Paid Media Analyst

Alissa Stahl
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Alissa Stahl

Senior Paid Media Account Manager

Taylor Miller
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Taylor Miller

Paid Media Account Manager

Brady Corrion
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Brady Corrion

Paid Media Account Manager

Alec Maes
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Alec Maes

Paid Media Account Manager

Sean Kaku
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Sean Kaku

Paid Media Analyst


The Tools We Use in Your Paid Search (PPC) Management

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GA4 (Google Analytics) is the cornerstone of our paid media toolkit. GA4 offers robust features. We use it to track and monitor user behavior and conversions. GA4 is also used to assess the effectiveness of your ad spend and make ongoing optimizations based on data. This helps us improve the ROI of your budget.

Google Ads

Google Ads’ Keyword Planner is one of the essential tools in our arsenal. Keyword Planner allows us to identify high-performing keywords, gain search volume insights, and assess your competition.

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Semrush is a comprehensive digital marketing tool we use across services at Digital Third Coast. Our paid media team uses SEMRush to monitor competitors, gather data on keywords, and track your campaign’s performance.


SpyFu provides invaluable insights into your competitors’ paid search strategies. SpyFu allows us to learn more about the keywords and ad messaging your competitors are targeting. This allows us to better optimize your campaigns.

FAQ: What to Know About Working With a PPC Management Agency

Why is PPC important for my business?

Paid advertising is the fastest way to gain immediate visibility in search engines.

Boosting your organic ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPS) can take time. Paid advertisements allow companies like yours to bid their way to the top and quickly reach your desired audience. When managed effectively, PPC advertising will drive targeted traffic to your website, boost conversions, and grow your customer base.

Why hire a PPC management agency?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is our bread and butter! A strategic partner, like Digital Third Coast, can help you get the most bang for your buck, accelerate ad performance, and drive results.

The world of paid media is constantly changing. It’s our job to follow every update and make sure your paid advertising strategy is optimized for performance. Our expertise with precision audience targeting emphasizes quality leads rather than empty conversions. We’ll track campaign performance and other metrics to ensure our work makes a measurable difference to your bottom line.

Why hire DTC to manage your paid media accounts?

We offer pay per click management for Chicago and beyond. Here’s why you should choose Digital Third Coast.

  • Advocacy: Partnering with us means we’re your account advocate. Account reps at other agencies make money the more you spend. We don’t. At Digital Third Coast, your business’ growth and profit is our top priority. Your bottom line is on our mind every time we make a recommendation or optimization.
  • Transparency: Our clients own all of their accounts and all of their data. Just because our engagement may end (we hope it doesn’t), doesn’t mean you lose your progress. 
  • Integrity: We do what’s in your best interest based on your business’s unique situation. No canned Google recommendations or cookie-cutter strategies are applied across all accounts. You can expect a thoughtful, targeted strategy to achieve your goals.
What platforms do you specialize in for PPC advertising?

Digital Third Coast is a Google Premier Partner as well as a Microsoft Partner. Our paid media team members are experts when it comes to managing pay-per-click accounts. We specialize in Google, Microsoft, Bing, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram ads.

How quickly can I see results from PPC advertising?

As soon as your campaign launches! The beauty and power of paid media advertising is that it offers quick results, when structured correctly.

Our team will first work to gain a thorough understanding of your customers/target audience. After that, we’ll do extensive keyword and negative keyword research to make sure your PPC ads are served to the most qualified users. Once the campaign launches, you can see results immediately.

How much does PPC advertising cost?

It’s up to you! The cost of paid media account management varies from business to business. We’ll help you understand what the competition for your audience looks like, and we’ll help you find and set a daily budget. We offer competitive agency rates, contact us for more details about how we can help you achieve your PPC goals!

How do you measure success?

While other agencies may rely solely on key performance indicators (KPIs), our team takes a more holistic approach.

We customize our reporting and measurement process for each client. You won’t just receive KPIs, we’ll also provide context and explain how each metric relates to your business growth and success.

Common KPIs include click-through rates (CTR), cost per click (CPC), conversion rates, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

What reporting and analytics tools do you use?

We use platform conversion tracking, and GA4, for most of our paid media clients.

Our paid media team will also use third-party systems to assess lead quality. We use Google Ads Offline Conversion Import (OCI) and Meta Ads’ Conversion API (CAPI) when possible. These systems offer advanced tracking and allow us to better attribute conversions.

We Work With Businesses in All Industries

If you have a product or place that needs promotion, PPC could be a fit for you. Our Chicago-based PPC services have helped clients in various industries achieve their digital marketing goals.


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