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Google and Bing Shopping Campaigns

Searching for shopping carts

Crown your product king. Don’t abandon the shopping cart after your previous failed campaigns.

It’s time you reap the benefits of a properly structured shopping campaign. Our innovative approach to Google and Bing Shopping Ads drive exposure and lucrative growth for our clients.

With our team of Google and Bing experts, we tailor the strategy to your product and budget.  We're Premier Google Partners specializing in:

  • Search ads
  • Mobile ads
  • Video ads
  • Display ads
  • Shopping ads


When a user searches for your product category on Google or Bing, we serve your product to a likely customer. We know your customers, their search patterns and exactly how to convert them with Google and Bing targeted ads. We target informed customers with high-intent to purchase.


With shopping campaigns with Google and Bing, you have total control over how your product is seen by potential customers. We work with you to ensure that your product is shown in the best light possible. We target your product messaging to increase the quality of your leads.


Opinions are great but data is better. We’re dedicated to finding the best combination of visuals and copy to convert the most leads. We won’t rest because we know testing helps deliver you the best possible ROI.

Paid Search is more than just Google and Bings shopping campaigns

The world of Pay-Per-Click advertising is complex. With the right strategy and guidance from Digital Third Coast, your marketing goals are within reach. Learn more about these ROI-focused strategies below.

Google Ads

Google Ads reach is massive and not to be ignored. Digital Third Coast has developed custom tools to integrate with Google Ads to make testing more efficient and ROI focused.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is valuable resource allows you to target specific demographics with high-impact images and calls-to-action.

LinkedIn Advertising

Hoping to get your ad in front of your industry's decision-makers? No problem. LinkedIn is a marketplace of business leaders who can be targeted by title or occupation.


Remarketing is a dynamic strategy that shows your ads to people who recently visited your site, delivering your message again and again to those who are likely to convert.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the second largest search engine and provides tremendous opportunity to launch strategic remarketing campaigns and clever call-to-action video overlays.

Bing Ads

With an impressive market share, Bing Ads is a smart expansion strategy once Google Ads is optimized, especially for B2B services.

Display Advertising

Display advertising puts your ads on websites and in front of the right people. Using specific qualifiers, the right eyes see your message. It’s a highly customizable and scalable approach.