SEO + Content Case Study

Seamless site migration yields record leads + traffic

Website migration and on-site SEO strategy produces record organic traffic rankings month-after-month.

Results Highlights

  • 85%

    increase in organic sessions

  • 18%

    increase in Page 1 keywords

The Client

Lombardo Homes is a family owned and operated custom home and land developer. They build craftsman houses in both Michigan and Missouri markets.

The Objective

Lombardo Homes had previous experience working with digital agencies but wasn’t seeing the lead generation and conversions they desired. Beyond improving the results of their digital strategy, we aimed to assist Lombardo Homes with a website migration while improving their visibility in search.

SEO Migration Strategy

Seamlessly transition to new website without losing visibility


    The Problem

  • Lombardo Homes had created a new website designed with increased visual, interactive elements for their customers to engage with. They needed to migrate their old site and URLs onto the new CMS.

    During any site migration, the biggest concern is maintaining digital visibility, link equity, and Domain Authority (DA), which are often weakened during the migration process. We wanted to assure a steady transition without any detriment to their rankings. In order to accomplish this, without any issues, we needed to help them seamlessly migrate onto the new CMS.


    The Solution

  • We executed three technical audits of the new website: twice before its launch and once afterwards. These audits ensured that the new CMS was optimized for both search engines and customer experience.

    To make sure their visibility and rankings were not adversely affected by the migration, we implemented new keyword research and SEO tags. We also worked with the client to recommend additional on-site content that would avoid duplication and potential cannibalization of their targeted keywords.


    Why it Matters

  • Web migrations often go awry when redirects are overlooked, or improperly done. Our rigorous series of technical audits served as a triple check that the site was optimized and functional for search.

    It’s very easy to get lost in the aesthetics of the new site when migrating. Many worry about the way their new site looks, but tend to lose sight of the importance of its functionality on mobile and desktop. Our focus is to make sure the client’s vision is mirrored by impeccable on-site technical SEO work such that their new website can hit the ground running without losing rankings, visibility or traffic.

“I wanted a fresh start, a new website, a new agency, it was sort of a gamble to see what would happen — I don’t know how to be eloquent about this, but it was like magic. We migrated to this new site, the team handled everything, and literally overnight our leads blew up and they haven’t stopped since. It was amazing and vindicating. It was just beautiful.”

Melissa Cervin, Vice President of Marketing, Lombardo Homes

SEO Keyword Strategy

Create and focus local keyword strategy to optimize for conversions


    The Problem

  • Lombardo Homes was concerned about a lack of visibility on the first page of search results for one of their local divisions in St. Louis, Missouri.


    The Solution

  • We quickly implemented a new project aimed at specifically building up their rankings for geographic-specific terms and phrases that potential customers in that region were using to find similar business.

    To make fast, measurable improvements to their rankings, we advised the client on producing additional page content for their site and adding targeted keywords to those pages.


    Why it Matters

  • For many companies, local visibility is more meaningful than general or national visibility in search. Many B2C companies only serve select regions, and queries used by their potential customers often have geographic-specific keywords in them.

    By prioritizing this local strategy we dramatically improved their rankings (from Page 2 to #4 on Page 1) and boosted their traffic to relevant pages by 122% in just four months. The client started seeing immediate benefits within the first month of the strategy implementation.

“The customer service is amazing. Not just in this realm, compared to anything. I feel like I am the only client, and I know that I’m not. But the fact that I feel like I am and I feel like I have undivided attention that’s pretty stellar by the people there.”

-Melissa Cervin, Vice President of Marketing, Lombardo Homes

Between April, before we migrated their website, to August, Lombardo Homes’ website experienced an 85% increase in organic sessions. This remarkably increase in traffic is particularly noteworthy since most websites experience a slight, albeit temporary, dip in their visibility and traffic after migrating.

“Between the new website and this new relationship and the time, effort and work that the team members put in, it literally has been like magic. I am absolutely blown away at the results that we’ve had, and I’m even more blown away by the customer service.”

-Melissa Cervin, Vice President of Marketing, Lombardo Homes


While we often tell clients SEO results can be gradual, the results of this website migration and keyword strategy were immediate. Lombardo’s Vice President of Marketing, Melissa Cervin described the business benefits as “instant.”

Looking at their three-month reports from just one of their neighborhoods, the number of leads nearly quintupled after the migration. “It literally was overnight. We switched the website and in a couple of days we were like, holy smokes,” Cervin added.


increase in Page 1 keywords.

Between April 2020 and the end of August 2020 we were able to produce an 18.35% increase in the number keywords in which the client appeared in the first page of Google search results. This is a prime location for visibility in search as most consumers rarely click beyond the first page of results when searching for something online.

The combination of the site migration and keyword related projects produced tangible business benefits for Lombardo Homes. The partnership between our agency and Lombardo Homes allowed for quick implementation of strategic recommendations, and facilitated tremendous results.


“They’ve been superstars through all of this. I couldn’t say enough good things about what they’ve done for us, for our business. I would emphatically recommend them to anyone looking for this.”

Melissa Cervin, Vice President of Marketing, Lombardo Homes

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