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We pitch with precision, strategically positioning content to earn coverage in the nation’s leading publications.

How We Earn Top-Tier Placements and Backlinks

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Once the finished digital PR content is uploaded to your website, our team starts on media outreach!

What does our outreach strategy entail, exactly? While each campaign of active media promotion is uniquely tailored, the process is the same. We pull the most newsworthy storylines and statistics from your content research and then craft the perfect pitches and attention-grabbing subject lines for each vertical and media list we build.

Our extensive database of journalists allows us to focus on pitching those who are most likely to cover your content. But more than list building, our outreach is nimble and reactive. We constantly analyze open and click-through rates of our one-to-one email pitches to make data-driven decisions and pivot our strategy when necessary.

The media strategists on our team are former journalists themselves. They’re familiar with the news cycle, they know how to leverage trending topics, and they’ve built strong relationships with writers at top-tier publications. Our strategic and nimble pitching process has a proven track record of earning widespread and high DA backlinks for clients.

Our Digital PR Outreach Process


Media List Building

Digital PR success comes when we find the right websites and journalists to share your content.

We’ll create a media roadmap and build curated lists of journalists for targeted outreach.



Our team of former journalists knows how to tactfully pitch every piece of content we produce.

Our pitching goes straight to journalists’ inboxes. No press releases. No wires.



We dedicate time to finding every placement, brand mention, and reference to your content that’s out there.

When the opportunity arises, we’ll seek linking coverage, and reporting back your incredible digital PR results!

Key Components of Our Media Outreach Strategy

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Media List Building: Finding Your Target Audience

Our target audience in the outreach process is the specific set of journalists that we want to share your content with. We carefully curate lists of writers by niche, location, or industry focus. By meticulously filtering and segmenting journalists, we increase the likelihood of not only coverage but impactful and relevant backlinks as well.


Pitching: Finding Your Voice in the Conversation

Journalists can get dozens of media pitches each day, so our team works to make sure yours stands out amongst competitors.

  • Positioning the Data: There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to a media pitch. We only pull the most relevant storylines and data for each journalist, crafting their pitch accordingly. Journalists don’t have time to sift through irrelevant or cloudy emails! Our targeted positioning ensures a higher chance of engagement and coverage while respecting the journalists’ time and specific requirements.
  • Timing of the Pitch: Timing is everything. We use data to determine the best days and times to send our pitches. Our approach is strategic and fluid. We stay on top of the headlines and ensure pitches align with current events or trending topics with a technique called newsjacking.
  • Follow-Ups & Relationship Building: Our team uses a robust tracking system to ensure journalists who express interest in our pitch receive a follow-up and we work to foster strong relationships with those who have shared our content in the past. By leveraging our connections, we’ve earned respect from writers at national publications, some even reaching out proactively to see if our clients have data that aligns with the stories they’re working on.

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Validation: Finding Your Brand Mentions & Links

If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is there to hear it. Does it make a sound? In the digital marketing world, every link and brand mention (thankfully) does make an impact — even if we don’t find it. But it’s much more fun to track and monitor your placements and coverage.

Our team uses multiple tools and channels to track linked and unlinked mentions to every content campaign. We gather detailed information about every piece of coverage we earn for you, synthesize it, and put it all together in an easy-to-read report.

What Does Outreach Success Look Like?

We track every media mention our clients earn, including both linked and unlinked coverage. Our outreach process has been honed and tested, and the results speak for themselves.

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Media Outreach FAQs

What strategies do you employ for media outreach and pitching campaigns to journalists?

Our digital PR media strategy involves several phases of personalized and highly tailored pitching. We pull the most compelling storylines and data from content campaigns and use them to craft pitches that resonate with journalists.

We leverage our extensive media contact database along with the relationships we’ve built over the years to connect with writers at the nation’s leading publications. We take a data-driven approach, monitoring open and click-through rates, and pivoting strategies when necessary.

Newsjacking is another strategy our outreach team uses regularly. We take a proactive approach to stay ahead of the news cycle and find ways to tie client campaigns to trending topics for increased engagement.

How do you select the most suitable journalists or media outlets for a client’s campaign?

We build unique media contact lists for each and every campaign, considering a variety of factors including a journalist’s beat, location, prior stories, and primary outlet. We make sure our strategy aligns with each client’s unique goals, whether that be earning backlinks in industry/niche publications, or viral, widespread syndication.

How do you determine the timing for sending media pitches?

Timing is a crucial factor in our strategy. We’ve done extensive research when it comes to what works and what doesn’t and use data-driven insights to plan the optimal days and times for pitching different types of media outlets.

We also keep a close eye on the news cycle, and adjust our calendar accordingly – if there’s a major breaking news story we’ll often hold our pitches for a day when journalists are more likely to be covering our campaign’s topic – conversely, if our campaign aligns with a major story or trending topic, we’ll jump in and show journalists why your campaign is the extra insight they need to make their coverage stand out.

How do you measure the success of a media outreach campaign?

Success in our media outreach is multifaceted. We track and analyze both linked and unlinked coverage, reporting on both the quality and quantity of placements our campaigns earn. Digital PR is a long-term strategy, and we look at how the placements earned provide value beyond the immediate coverage, including brand reputation and SEO benefits from earned backlinks over time.

What Clients Say About Our Media Outreach

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There was so much buzz, that it literally crashed our client’s servers.”

“We had visitors from all around the world. We had tons of reputable publications like the Huffington Post, Gawker, and Wired picking up the piece that we created for them.”

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